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Experiencing The Beautiful Eritrean Catholic Church

I found myself in the city of Chicago after I heard about a small community of Catholics which met at a Roman Catholic parish once a month. What piqued my interest about this small community was that they were not Roman Catholic, but Eritrean Catholic. I had become familiar with some of the other liturgical traditions of the Church, but not this one. The Eritrean Catholic Church is one of three sui iuris Churches which worship according to the Alexandrian Rite. The Alexandrian Rite can actually be further divided into two subgroups. This division is mainly based on language. The first subgroup, sometimes called the Coptic Rite, is used by the Coptic Catholic Church. The liturgical language most often used is Coptic, as well as Arabic. The second subgroup, used by both the Ethiopian and Eritrean Catholic Churches, is called the Ge’ez Rite. The Ge’ez language, like Latin and Church Slavonic, is basically a dead language. However, just as Latin and Church Slavonic are the p…