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The Russian Orthodox believers who treat the Tsar like a God

(...) Things haven’t changed since then, even after the bones of the two missing imperial children were discovered in 2007 not far from the first remains. A minority of Orthodox believers and clerics insist on the “ritualistic murder” explanation. These people have de facto deified the tsar. There is even a name for them in Russian – tsarebozhniki – literally translated as the “god-tsarists”. This has all the traits of a heresy, but Patriarch Kirill is shy about dealing with it. The problem for him is that tsarebozhniki form the most vocal, best organised and politicised part of the Russian Orthodox believers and clergy, including quite a few bishops. (...)
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Liturgy and Laity

(...) Catholics were a thoroughly obed­ient lot at the time. Bishops ­promptly implemented the changes ordered by Rome, and by and large the clergy and faithful accepted them, whatever their misgivings. Casini, though, warned Lercaro that this would not last forever. He mentioned a farm laborer with whom he had sung in the parish choir. In 1965 this man said to him, “To be sure the Mass suited me better as it was before. But what the priest says goes for me and I does as I am told. If the priest says I must dance, then dance I will . . .” Two years later, after the choir had been disbanded, he had changed his attitude. “Well,” he said, “to be sure if this is what the priest wants now, I must say—I don’t know . . .” 
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The Ill-Placed Charges of Purism, Elitism, and Rubricism

(...) Some have curiously accused me in this connection of “rubricism,” a charge repeated, as we have seen, by Fr. Recktenwald. The reason I say “curiously” is that it is perfectly obvious that I am not a rubricist. The phenomenon of rubricism occurs when the liturgical or theological rationale for a given practice is forgotten, and all that one has to stand on is a rubric, a prescription of positive human law. If one cannot say why a practice is right and fitting but simply shouts “That’s the rubric and we must follow it!,” or if one breaks out into a cold sweat at 3 in the morning because one suddenly realizes that three manuals disagree about how many inches apart the items on the credence table should be, then perhaps one might be called a rubricist. But if one looks at what I wrote about why the Chartres abuses should be avoided, one can see a liturgical-theological rationale in addition to a reminder that the rubrics rule them out. (...)
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Vesting in Lavender

Do you remember a time, readers, when you could spend a whole day, actually a whole month, occasionally even a year, and not give one passing thought to the issue of sexual perversions?
Do you remember a time when not one liberal in a thousand would have thought it a good idea to have drag queens do story-hour for children in a public library? When people who fell into sexual perversion, or who are alleged to have done so, or who are alleged to have wanted to do so though they did not, or who are alleged to have been the sorts of people who would have wanted to do so if they had known What We Know Now, were not held up for the admiration of children, in their school textbooks?
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Vatican updates rules on consecrated virgins

The Vatican has issued a new instruction on Consecrated Virginity as the vocation experiences increasing interest.
The document, titled Ecclesiae Sponsae Imago, comes after requests from bishops across the world for clarity on the role of consecrated virgins, as more women discern the vocation.
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Greek prime minister to initiate process of separation of Church from state

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras intends to initiate the process of separating the Greek Orthodox Church from the Greek state and revising the relevant article of the Greek constitution, reports Russian Athens with reference to the Greek paper Kathimerini. 
Mais uma vez esquerdistas estão agindo em prol da laicização de um Estado, agora na Grécia, sem ouvir a população. Leiam mais sobre o assunto aqui.

The Pope's master plan for a missionary Church has fallen by the wayside

The script for the pontificate of Pope Francis was written six years before his election, at the Aparecida plenary assembly of the Episcopal Conference of Latin America (CELAM). In the sixth year of the pontificate however, the set has been transformed, the actors seem miscast, the plot has been altered and the curtain is set to come down early. Has the great continental mission proclaimed at Aparecida been abandoned?
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The Visitation and the Precious Blood

How very ruthless of the post-Conciliar 'reforms': Westminster Cathedral, overnight, lost its Patronal Festival when the 'reformers' reduced July 1 to a feria on the almost sacrilegiously flippant grounds that the Precious Blood would get a perfectly adequate 'covering' by being merely added to the title of Corpus Christi. Sad little men. Thus a gorgeous piece of B Pius IX liturgy disappeared: the Solemn Festival he had placed on the calendar to commemorate his return to the City after the Roman Revolution of 1848. (There is nothing vulgar, incidentally, about doing that sort of thing to the calendar, or, if there is, it is simply the vulgarity of an incarnational religion. Byzantine calendars are richly and very appropriately peppered with such observances related to events in Christian history.)
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