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If Pope Francis covered up McCarrick abuse, then he’s neither ‘holy’ nor a ‘father’

Should we be surprised at Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s detailed testimony about Pope Francis covering up ex-Cardinal McCarrick’s abuse? We have seen this level of mendacity and depravity coming for years. From the first moment of his papacy, Pope Francis showed disdain for papal traditions, a sign of disrespect for the duties and limits of his office. His minimalist and lackluster celebrations of Mass suggested that for him, the liturgy was not “the source and summit of the Christian life.”
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Our Catholic heritage is full of treasures. Let’s bring them into the classroom

In 1905, one Miss Agnew sat at her desk in Carlisle and sketched out the “scheme of instruction” for the poor Catholic boys and girls of St Cuthbert’s school. Among her entries was the history “object lessons”: here a lesson on Caedmon and Bede, there Joan of Arc, another on Wolsey, next “the Revolution” (nothing “Glorious” about it). It was history, but it was also more than that – it was a reflection of our Catholic identity.
Today, there is little agreement about how Catholic schools should teach children about our heritage. Curricula vary widely. While those under local authority control mostly follow the National Curriculum, academies are free to set their own content.
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Duas notícias e um artigo sobre a restauração da monarquia no "mundo ortodoxo"

Belgium’s euthanasia nightmare

One striking thing about modern Western societies is how quickly bioethical practices that would once have been shocking quickly become unremarkable. It happened with abortion, it happened with embryo selection, and now it is happening with euthanasia. Last week it emerged that during 2016 and 2017 three children in Belgium were given euthanasia, and the media reaction was one giant shrug. As far as I am aware it has barely been reported outside Christian and pro-life circles.
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