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An Orthodox Fracture With Serious Consequences

While Catholicism has been embroiled in a crisis of sexual abuse and episcopal malfeasance reaching to the highest levels of the Church, Eastern Orthodoxy may be on the verge of an epic crack-up with major ecumenical and geopolitical consequences.
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Bishop Schneider on Chastity vs. a Society "Becoming Ever More Cruel"

(...) Unfortunately, the ’55 reform, in its elements and structure, shows revolutionary changes, which are not comparable with the beautiful rites of Holy Week before. The changes made were not necessary. Maybe some few little elements could have been shortened, but not changing the rite itself. What was put in its place was manufactured. And this was already an exercise in advance of the post-conciliar revolutionary reform of the Order of Mass and of all of the liturgies of the sacraments – of the entire liturgy, even of the breviary.
Well, this is to say, in answer to your question, that the reform of the breviary under Pius X, in 1911, was unfortunately also a revolutionary reform. It is for me an enigma how he could do this, Pope Pius X, because he changed completely the entire structure of the psalm distribution, which the Roman Church kept almost inviolably since the times – even before – of Pope Gregory I. So, already from the 6th century, maybe even earlier, the …

Famed Australian Atheist, Bill Hayden, is Baptized in the Catholic Church at 85

Some amazing news came out of Australia today with a famous atheist politician receiving baptism. Bill Hayden had been the leader of a major Australian political party, then was the Governor General of Australia for 7 years. (The Governor General is the one who signs bills into law in the Queen’s name in 16 Commonwealth countries.) Recently, at 85, he renounced his atheism and joined the Catholic Church.
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A Remarkable Thing Just Happened in Liverpool, England

Sunday’s event was the largest Catholic procession in England since Pope St. John Paul II's visit to Britain in 1982. 
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The Imperative of the Imperium

In “The End of the Imperial Episcopate,” Fr. Jay Scott Newman speculates about the Church's current situation. One of his premises is that many bishops have become too much like distant managers and administrators, and that this has contributed to today's problems. He also suggests “the clerical culture in which bishops and priests live is in many ways diseased and deformed, requiring renewal.” I fully agree with Newman on these points. We do not need politicians and administrators. We need bishops who act like bishops:  teaching, shepherding, and, when necessary, disciplining like bishops. We need priests who don’t act like camp counselors, committee chairmen, facilitators, or socialites; we need priests who focus on their priestly, liturgical, and sacramental mission. Further, we need religious who remain faithful to the particular charisms of their founders instead of behaving like secular social justice activists.  In short, we need faithfulness to particula…

The End of the Imperial Episcopate

The Empire—in all its forms—is long gone. Christendom is dead. The Church is reeling from grave scandal, and Christians are crying out to heaven for reform and purification. It is time to end the Imperial Episcopate.
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Will the Church in Spain Soon Be Stripped of Her Belongings?

Under the pretext of wishing to “do away with opacity”, Pedro Sanchez’ Socialist government wishes to publish the list of all the goods belonging to the Church and for which she does not have a certificate of ownership: the idea being for the State to take them back.
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Exiled for most of his life as a bishop, Dominik Kalata returns to his final home

Friday a week ago, the 24th of August, saw the passing of 93-year-old Bishop Dominik Kalata in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was the end of a life spent for the major part in exile, a life marked by the Church’s attempts to serve the faithful in Communist-dominated lands during the Cold War. Born in Poland, Bishop Kalata was consecrated in secret for the Church in what was then Czechoslovakia, spent 26 years of his life in Germany, only to return to what had then become Slovakia, where he died.
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